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cancelled-stampWhat strange times we find ourselves in.   We could not trek last year at all and this spring, 2021, things were no better.  I am hoping against all hope that we can trek this year – October, November and December 2021. Of course, trekking will be entirely dependent on progress out of the Pandemic.  As I write this, in March, it seems likely that things will open up, we may all be vaccinated, and overseas travel will be a realistic option.  I really hope so.

Upcoming Nepal treks

I have yet to think about particular plans – which means that we are open to suggestions.   I was thinking of Pike Peak, not too hard and not too high, for October.   I am also considering the Everest region, possibly walk in and chopper out, for November.  I do not have any special interest in the Everest Base Camp but the trail out of Namche, over Thamo and Thame and then the high pass to Gokyo is appealing.  I have not done the Renjo La before.  Could be a bit of challenge so may have to work off the Lockdown Chunk somewhat.

Upcoming Nepal treks

If there is enough interest, I would like to run our Cultural Safari in late November into mid-December.  It is a lovely trip where you can see a huge variety of Nepali landscapes and cultural diversity.  You could read the Trek Reports of previous Safaris to see what is involved.   This is NOT a trekking holiday and there is quite a bit of nice hotels, shopping and sightseeing. 

Upcoming Nepal treks

There are no itineraries yet because the future international travel situation is a bit of an unknown quantity.

Do get in touch at if you have any ideas or think you might want to join us, if that is a possibility.  I have collected 3,700 AUD from you lovely ex-trekkers and Lahar and Dorje have distributed it as they thought best.  But they do not have much work so I think one of the best ways to help would be to take a holiday in Nepal and employ as many of them as we can.

 Ekki and I are currently in lockdown in Germany.  15 kilometres from home is the furthest we are allowed to travel.  Luckily, we are surrounded by gorgeous countryside so walking and cycling are back on the agenda as Spring creeps in.

Meanwhile, stay safe and look after each other.
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Upcoming Nepal treks



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